Most of us don’t think about winter landscaping so much, but there are plenty of things you can do with lots of benefits in the process. Especially in the long-run if you plan now. Just for starters, you can greatly reduce your energy bills! How so? Read on…

If you’re planning ahead, you can create windbreaks around your property on the east, west and northern sides in order to keep wind from blowing directly at the house. You do this with specific plants and as they grow, the will help insulate your home and cut your energy cost by up to 40%.

Some great wind breaking options would be shrubs or trees with a low crown. Plant things like an evergreen and a natural berm so that the wind will blow over the top of the house and not directly at it. Plant them a foot or more away from the house and avoid planting on the south side. You will want the sun’s warmth there. Consider how tall they will grow as you’re planting as well.

Winter landscaping can also add some aesthetic appeal to your home and enhance its beauty. Consult with a professional landscaper, like Local Hardscape Pros, to plan the best ways to add beauty, as well as functionality. They will also help you make sure you can manage it properly in the years to come.

Winter landscaping is a fun way to attract birds. Plants or bushes that have brightly colored berries are a good idea for this. Look at various shapes and colors that specific birds love and incorporate them into your overall design. A cranberry bush viburnum has lots of berries on it, as well as a lovely flower that happens in May and June. Another great idea is Japanese barberry, which produces gorgeous purple red leaves during the fall months and berries for the birds during winter. You can expect it to grow around 6 feet. Choices like these can transform the average boring yard to a delight, even in the winter!

As you can see, winter landscaping doesn’t have to be boring! There are lots of options and with some planning, you can get beautiful results AND savings in the process. What better deal can you get?

For more information on this or any other landscaping question, please give us a call today and let us help you design the landscape of your dreams!

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