Landscaping Design Myrtle BeachIf you are tired of seeing regular landscaping designs, it’s time to up your game. Now, speaking of the game, if you want to be more creative in your landscape designs, why not try the checkerboard landscape design in your Myrtle Beach yard.

Not everyone has the space to create a checkerboard design but when done right it could create a dramatic impact in your Myrtle Beach Landscape. If you are not sure how to start this project, you better read the steps below so you can start in your own yard.

Steps in Creating Checkerboard Landscaping Design in Myrtle Beach

  1. The first thing you need to do is to clear your location. Clear your chosen checkerboard landscape location from weeds and after that rake it over, making the location as level or even as you can. At the exact same time, get rid of any type of rocks you see along the path.
  2. When you have leveled the soil, it’s time to make it more compact so it becomes easier to lay pavers Move slowly as you go throughout the yard, walking through it each time pavers are laid.
  3. Measure the squares on the checkerboard design. Define the dimensions with sticks and stretch the twine or string in between them. Repeat on the other sides, seeing to it the lines are identical and also vertical.
  4. The squares on which the pavers will be laid should be covered with sand to at least two inches deep. This will certainly offer the pavers something to bed right into, as well as will certainly make laying as well as leveling a lot easier.
  5. After you have actually placed every one of the sand in the position it will certainly have to be leveled out and also combined. This is most conveniently done by “firming” it down gently, around the square, making use of the rear of a rake.
  6. Blend a moist mortar with 4 parts sand to one part concrete or you can simply use a ready mixed mortar to hold the pavers in place. Put a trowel-full in each edge as well as one in the facility. This will strongly hold the paver in position.
  7. Place the paver thoroughly in its area as well as make use of the wood end of a club delicately to knock the edges till it is degree. It is necessary to utilize a little level right here, examining the degree in all instructions.
  8. To bring the planted squares up to the degree of the smooth squares, fill in with topsoil. This will certainly aid with its maintenance in the future, specifically if you are sowing grass and will need to mow it in the future. Plant your squares. You can use a wide variety of grass or plants like thyme, chamomile, and others.
  9. While your grass is still new, make sure that you water it enough on its first week or until they are fully developed. Do this as your daily routing and you will be surprised how it can grow it a few months.
  10. Now that the grass has grown and needs just a little upkeep, it’s time to enjoy your new checkerboard landscape design in your Myrtle Beach yard.

Whether you want classic or checkerboard design on your Myrtle Beach Landscape, call Local Hardscape Pros for a complete range of landscaping services you want. 


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