landscapingAs the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. School has started back and the weather is cooling off. All this means that it’s time to shift gears and get your landscaping ready for the fall months. Your landscaping needs maintenance just like other areas of your property, so this article will help you get prepared for making your yard beautiful for fall!

Tips for Getting Your Fall Landscaping in Order

This is a great time to check with your local home and garden stores and find out any sales or deals on perennials. The autumn months are the perfect time to get spring bulbs in the ground with some new soil and fertilizer so they can come up the following spring.

If you have perennials that have overtaken the space you originally planted them in, fall is a good time to divide them up and transplant a few of them elsewhere so they can continue to grow. You could also pull some of these extra plants to give away to friends to help them in their fall garden! Fall weather is wonderful for doing transplanting and enhancing your landscaping.

If you have potted plants that are annuals, you can simply compost them once the growing season has ended. For plants that you want to overwinter, you can place them in burlap sacks and keep them outside for their hibernation through the cold winter months. They will do very well as long as they are not exposed directly to bitter cold winds or snow.

You should do your pruning in the fall. After all, you’ll already be raking leaves, so why not clean up pruning trimmings too while you’re at it, right? Trimming back your bushes and pruning your trees will ensure a beautiful shape for the coming spring. It might seem harsh to prune, but every good landscaper will tell you that it is a very important part of creating a beautiful landscape and lawn.

Fall is also a good time to prepare your lawn for spring by raking well, getting rid of old leaves and then laying manure thinly across your soil. This manure will soak in over the winter months and cause your lawn to be beautiful when spring comes. Don’t forget that your leaves can also be used as mulch. For perennials, mulching them will help give them extra protection over the winter against cold and wind.

Fall is definitely the time to pay some extra special attention to your yard and get things prepared and cleaned up. Timing is everything, and so you will want to get all these things done so your landscaping will be lovely in the spring.

If you find yourself without the time to devote to the fall preparations, call us at Local Hardscape Pros and let the professionals do it for you! Happy Fall!

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