Landscape Myrtle BeachIt is that time of the year again when landscape and yard work are typically the last things on homeowner’s minds given the cold winter weather. But did you know that this is, in fact, the perfect time to work on your lawn and remove the brownish areas and crab yard left from last summer?

Yard Work

  1. Basic lawn care with a comprehensive raking to open up the ground and expose the This is done so that brand-new seeds could sprout. 2. Next off, level the grass by covering the lowest locations with new soil.
  2. After that, reseed the whole grass or just patch particular locations as needed.
  3. Ensure germination by adding a fertilizer then cover the seeds with hummus to secure them from starving birds. Then wait about 3 or 4 weeks for the seeds to grow.

One advantage of doing this in the wintertime: Nature offers adequate water to grow the seeds whereas, you need to spray the areas often during the rest of the year.

About Crab Lawn

By now, your yard is filled with numerous crabgrass at this time of the year, waiting to grow in the summer. This is the time when you need to prepare to spray with a pre-emergent before February ends, just when the temperature level begins to heat up. Otherwise, there is no need to use a pre-emergent earlier than February as it would eliminate new seeds that have grown. Additionally, the chemicals are not as reliable in the winter.

Likewise, keep in mind that you could not use pre-emergent on your own since it is a dangerous chemical which by legislation have to be used by accredited lawn care specialists.

Do not forget to trim

The best time to start trimming your trees and roses is now (winter season). In order to improve the growth and development of both fruit trees and roses, you have to trim before they even begin to bud. You must also remember to cut thick shrubs and trim non-fruit trees even before they begin to grow again.

How to grow grass

Plant bare-root trees and roses before summer starts. The winter season is when you will get the best prices on brand-new trees and shrubs for your landscape. Lastly, wintertime is the excellent time to speak to a landscape specialist concerning upgrading, renovating, or entirely re-installing your backyard.

Most homeowners generally wait till spring before they call or find a specialist. Remember that top quality landscaping companies are active or even set up in advance by March.

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