lanscape Myrtle BeachThe summertime is right here and also your lawn mower has actually been operating frequently in the springtime. While you need to do a lot of lawn care maintenance this summer, keep in mind that your lawn mower needs an upkeep too.

Lawn Mower Maintenance Guide 

Landscaping is easy when you have the right tools to use. In this case, the lawn mower is your trusted ally when it comes to trimming your grass. This is why it is recommended to take care of your lawn care equipment to ensure it does its job.

  1. If you have a non-electric lawn mower which operates on fuel or gas take a look in the user’s manual to learn the best ways to inspect and change the oil. Examine the oil level frequently, include even more oil when needed and also change it when it’s unclean.

Make sure that the engine ignition is turned off. This ensures that the mower does not begin inadvertently while you’re cleaning it. Your favorite engine degreaser and clean water are excellent methods to help keep your engine tidy.

  1. Keep the mower in a shaded area or in some type of safe location to ensure that it is not exposed to heat and rain. Likewise, examine your mower to see if it includes guidelines for sharpening your lawn mower blade. While some lawn mowers urge you to sharpen the blade and others do not, it is best to stick to the manual recommendations.
  1. Do not mow in a damp yard. Did you know that the very best time to trim your yard is in late mid-day compared to early in the morning. This is because the grass tends to be damp in the morning and damp grass is not good for your mower. Attempt mowing your grass in various directions each time you cut. This will certainly help keep your grass healthy and balanced and also will certainly lower the chance of any type of patterns developing over several sessions.
  1. Put in the time to cleanse the yard off the bottom of the lawn mower once in a while. Ensure the lawn mower is turned off before cleaning the bottom. See to it if you are going anywhere near the blade you separate the ignition system cord initially. Tidy the air consumption for the lawn mower. Burning (petroleum or gas) engines require some kind of air consumption to run properly. If it’s obstructed with grass, then it will not function properly.

If mowing your lawn and maintaining your landscaped yard is not option, you can always count on Local Hardscape Pros to do an excellent job for you. Call now for a free estimate!

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