landscaping, landscaping Myrtle BeachWe’re deep into the fall season now and for many of us that means leaves, more leaves and, well…leaves! The gorgeous colors on the trees translates to a mess to clean up when it’s all over in order to prepare your landscaping for the winter. Your landscaping is a major investment, so you’ll want to protect it with the best care possible. Fall cleanup is a part of that protection. But if you’ve tried to do it all on your own with nothing to show other than a sore back and sprained muscles, then have no fear! This is where we as professional landscapers come in to save the day!

Getting Your Fall Landscaping In Order

Unless you just want to take a week and take your time cleaning up your yard, raking leaves and preparing the lawn for winter, you will probably want to hire a good landscaping company to come do all that dirty work for you. Not only can they handle the labor, but they also know about the things to do and not do that will keep your yard healthy through the winter so it comes back beautiful next spring! Here are just a few tips to keep in mind if you choose to do it yourself:

Clean up debris and leaves! Not only do leaves and other debris create a mess, but they also create a breeding ground for bugs and the diseases they carry. You don’t want these insects chewing on your plants or infesting your lawn. Having your landscaping cleaned up properly in the fall will make a huge difference in how healthy and lush your plants and lawn will come back next year.

Don’t forget to fertilize! This is the best time of year to fertilize the grass and perennial plants. The roots of your grass system will be strengthened, making it super healthy when it returns in the spring. If you are concerned about any water remaining in the pipes of your irrigation system, you should have it professionally removed by a landscaping company. Of course, here in Myrtle Beach, we won’t get that level of freezing very often.

Save those pinecones! If you have evergreen pine trees, you already know they drop tons of pinecones each fall. Why not pick some of the nicest ones and use them for your holiday decorating? It’s a great way to use our natural resources and still take care of the environment. Be sure to wash them out and check for any lingering insects before using them. If you have kids, pay them to go around and pick up all the pinecones. My kids got $5 per bucket and they worked hard trying to fill as many buckets as they could!

Landscaping doesn’t have to be hard. Fall cleanup is a necessary activity in order to keep your yard looking beautiful and healthy all year. If you don’t want to tackle it yourself, let us help! Call us today at Local Hardscape Pros and we’ll come do the dirty work for you!

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