LandscapingYou are spending lots of time and effort in your landscaping because you want to take your curb appeal up another notch. However, you should know that not all strategies and techniques lead to increasing your curb appeal. Some can actually damage your home’s overall theme and outside appearance.

In this article, you’ll learn about some landscaping processes that can decrease your curb appeal.

1. Planting whatever plant is available locally or the plant in season
Although this is a convenient route to take, you will end up with an attractive lawn for only a brief period of time. The plants available locally as well as those that grow in season do not last as long as trees. If you want a long and lasting eye-catching curb appeal, you would want to use plants that will last for a lifetime. Consult with a professional on the most suitable trees and plants to use and how to properly plan your landscape.

2. Planting in clusters
It’s true that planting in clusters is a great landscaping strategy. On the other hand, this could easily lead to overcrowding if not done properly. The plants may also end up competing for food and water when they grow bigger than the space you allotted for them.

When planting in clusters, make sure you research how big each plant will grow and how much space they need to fully grow and develop. This will help you plan a sufficient amount of space for each cluster in your lawn. The key is to ensure they have enough room to grow in each bed or cluster.

3. Using the same plants
If there is a particular plant that you like best, you will surely want to include it in your landscape. This is alright, if you do it in moderation. Using the same plant throughout your lawn will result to a dull and unexciting garden, which doesn’t really help your curb appeal.

You can still use your favorite plants in your lawn, just be sure to use other plants as well. If you want, you can make your favorite plants the focal point of your garden and add other types of plants and trees to complement their beauty and appeal. Remember that the key to keeping your lawn interesting is mixing and matching plants that complement each other.

Keep away from these processes and steps to ensure a healthy lawn and a high level curb appeal. Seek professional landscaping assistance from licensed service providers to discuss what you can do to improve your lawn and curb appeal.

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