Landscaping Myrtle BeachA landscaping makeover should not only be for rich or wealthy homeowners. If your lawn or backyard seems dull and would definitely benefit from a little sprucing up, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars. There are lots of ways to easily change the way your yard looks and improve its appeal while being cost-efficient and without breaking the bank.

Do not restrict yourself to trimming your bushes and rearranging your flower pots. If you are in the mood for a yard makeover, jump into it. There is no reason to be scared of the costs because there are budget savvy solutions to improve your lawn’s appeal. Read on to find more about these easy and inexpensive solutions.

Planning is the key

According to a landscaping professional, the key to a successful and inexpensive yard makeover is planning. You will be surprised at how much you could improve your lawn without spending tons of money. What’s more is that you can finally host that outdoor party or barbecue you have been dreaming of after your makeover. You and the rest of the family will finally be able to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of your garden and comfort of your backyard without having to do major installations and renovations.

Planning is important to ensure an effective make over. Aside from this, you also need to strictly adhere to your plan. And once your plan is set up, do not try to alter or change it as you are going through the makeover. That would only make your plan useless. For best results, work with a professional when planning for your makeover. Expert advice and tips would surely help you achieve that dream yard.

Planning a budget savvy landscaping makeover

Here are some insider’s tips to help you effectively plan your lawn makeover and ensure that you do not spend more than what you intend.

1. Think about how you want to use your backyard. Instead of it serving simply as a garden or as a place where you can lie down and read a good book while getting tanned, there are other purposes that your backyard can serve. For example, you can use it as your outdoor kitchen, especially if you and your family love barbecues. You can even host a barbecue dinner party on your backyard to celebrate the makeover that you did.

Your backyard can also serve as a play area for the kids. This is especially beneficial for those families with children who are hyper active. You can store the kids’ toys in a storage shed and keep your living room clean and more organized.

The importance of thinking about a purpose for how you will want to use your yard is not only about giving direction to your planning. It also motivates you into planning by giving you a vision to look forward to as you go through the makeover process. Plus, with a clear vision of what your yard will look like, it will be easier for you to plan creatively and think of how to achieve your vision without having to purchase new accessories and furniture.

2. For a more polished, organized and professional look, opt to lay a path on your yard. The path prompts members of the household not to walk on your lawn and keep away from your plants. And if you are having an outdoor party, a garden path is a great way to move your guests into a conversation about your garden and plants and share landscaping tips and ideas.

Professionals recommend using quarter-inch crushed rocks for your garden path. These come in different colors to easily match the color and style of your home. To set this up, you will need to determine the shape of your path by driving stakes on the ground and wrapping bender board around them. Fill the path with 3-4 inches of crushed rock. Rent a plate compactor from a nearby garden or home supply center and use it to flatten the crushed rock for a smoother look.

3. If you have concrete patio, you can give it a fresh new look by coating it with masonry stain. This is very affordable and available in many home depots and they come in a wide variety of colors. You can opt to use one color or mix and match several colors to create an attractive pattern.

4. Install a trellis to serve as a focal point on your garden. This can also serve as an affordable accessory to your garden to mark the beginning of your path or the entrance to the seating area. Adding a flowering plant on either side of the trellis will give you the full nature and outdoor effect.

5. Paint the wall of your house that faces the yard with a different color than the other walls of your house. A simple paint job can greatly improve the way your yard looks and helps set the mood for your outdoor activities. Landscaping experts suggest using colors that will complement your garden and yard such as those with neutral shades. These have been proven to coordinate effectively with various garden features including stone paths.

6. If you have flat lawns, the easiest and simplest way to improve the way it looks is to add dimensions. And you can do this by arranging boulders, which are available in different sizes in many garden supply stores. You can place them individually throughout your lawn or in clusters for more dimensions and art. You can also consider planting flowering shrubs or small bushes around the boulders for a more natural look.

7. Add mulch to cover all exposed soil in your lawn as well as on all your flowerbeds. Mulch now comes in various colors so you can choose the most similar color to your lawn for more effective covering of the unattractive areas of your garden. Aside from this, mulch also helps prevent the growth of weeds. It is also helps store and conserve the nutrients for your plants.

For a more effective and successful landscaping makeover, work with a professional. Call Local Hardscape Pros now and inquire about their services.

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