LandscapingLandscaping does not always work to improve and maintain an impressive curb appeal. There are some things you can do to your yard that may actually cause the opposite effect. It does make your lawn the first to be noticed when people visit you or pass by your neighborhood; but it’s all for the wrong reasons. People notice your lawn because it has become an eye sore.

To prevent these from happening, it is important that you learn which landscaping tactics to avoid.

1. Choosing plants based on their beauty and appeal.
Because you want your lawn to appear greatly attractive, you’ll be naturally inclined to choose beautiful and appealing plants. Now, this won’t be a problem if you consider other factors as well. However, if you choose based on the plants’ beauty alone, you’re in for more difficult and time-consuming maintenance.

You should also consider other factors when choosing plants. These other factors include your hardiness zone, the local weather, and the required maintenance and upkeep to properly take care of the plants. Even if you’re choosing from a wide selection of plants that grow and thrive locally, you still need to consider these other factors to ensure you won’t be spending lots of time in maintaining your lawn as is necessary. Keep in mind that failure to properly and regularly maintain your yard may result to dying plants and browning lawn.

2. Letting already dead or dying plants rot on your lawn.
Already dead or dying plants on your lawn do not only make your lawn appear ignored and disregarded, but they can also cause other plants to wither and die. This is why it is extremely important that you allot time to remove these plants and shrubs as soon as you notice the telltale signs of dying or being spent.

Dispose of them properly. You can add them to your compost pile. They decompose much faster if you grind them before dumping to the pile. If these plants died due to infestation or disease, put them in a plastic bag and properly dispose of them.

3. Letting weeds grow.
These weeds are an eye sore to your ethereal lawn. Plus, they also compete with your plants, taking away more than half of the nutrients and minerals that your plants need to fully grow and develop.

Remove those weeds from your lawn as soon as you see them. Do not give them an opportunity to take over your landscaping. Prevent them from growing and developing on your lawn by using a pre-emergent at least 3 weeks before their germination period.

4. Setting up secured protection and privacy.
Your lawn should always be secured to keep pests from coming inside your property and snacking on your plants and lawns. These pests may cause damage to your plants, eventually causing them to die and wither. To prevent pests from entering your lawn, you can use a critter repellent on the plants. You can also add an electric fence for additional security to your fence.

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