landscapingDon’t let the size of your yard prevent you from creating an elegant landscaping masterpiece. It doesn’t really matter whether your garden is big or small. You can easily turn it into a huge asset that will benefit you and your home with the right gardening style and design.

It is important to keep a clean and organized yard to maintain its beauty. However, it wouldn’t hurt to give your front yard a style boost with a few quick and easy design tips.

Listed below are some top landscaping tips to help you transform your small spaced garden.

  • Your landscape should complement the size and design of your home. It shouldn’t overwhelm or cover the front of your home. If there are some parts of your home that you want to hide, you can use ornamental trees like cypress. Adding these types of trees in your yard can also help create a privacy wall.
  • Make sure the size and amount of plants and trees that you choose to add in your garden are proportion to the size of your home. If you have a small home, consider adding small plants and 1 or 2 trees so as not to engulf the front of your home.
  • Keep in mind that your front yard and garden are what your neighbors and visitors see first. How your yard looks will give them the first impression of your entire house and your personality as well. Express your own taste and be more involved in planning and organizing your garden. Keeping the overall theme and design of your house is also a great way to personalize your garden.
  • If you want to add grass in your small front yard, make sure you can maintain the lawn properly and regularly. Nothing ruins a good and perfect landscaping than a soiled and dying lawn. Plus, your yard – and your entire property, for that matter – will become an eyesore to the entire neighborhood.
  • If you have a stone courtyard or wide walkway in your small front yard, consider adding mulched beds instead of the usual grass to fill borders and gaps.
  • You can also consider using pea gravel or pebbles as groundcover for your garden. Don’t forget to use weed-resistant mesh as lining for the gravel.
  • Keep an eye out for moss and mildew growth so you can treat and remove them immediately, thus, preventing them from causing more costly damage.
  • Do not limit yourself with the types and colors of flowers that you plant in your small front yard. Keep in mind that you can make a small space more appealing and attractive with fresh and colorful flowers.
  • Line the sides of your walkway with flowers to add a colorful highlight to an otherwise plain looking path.

Remember to seek professional advice before doing any landscaping to your small garden to ensure you do it properly. Call Local Hardscape Pros now.

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