Landscaping Myrtle BeachSummer has officially arrived and it is time to dream about outdoor fun and parties.  If you are dreaming too, you may want to see what some of the trends are in landscaping that can make your outdoor living more enjoyable.

The Outdoor Patio

In the Myrtle Beach area, decks are often extended living spaces for your home.  Decks form a transition from the interior of your home to the exterior.  A deck can hold many of the interior conveniences such as a kitchen or a spa or hot tub for entertaining.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming the rage.  Whether we are talking about a traditional barbecue or a built-in stainless steel multi-burner grill with ovens and side mount burners, you can turn your deck into an outdoor kitchen where friends will love to congregate.  Some of these outdoor areas even include a bar refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave.

During the spring and fall of the year it is great to have an outdoor fireplace to extend the enjoyment of your deck.  You will find small round burners to full scale fireplaces for use outside.  This is really great if you have a hot tub where people can relax and watch the fire.  Be sure and invite me over!

New lines of over-stuffed furniture have replaced the traditional folding chairs and chase lounges.  You will also want to look at your outdoor lighting and upgrade to the new LED designs that are energy efficient.

You will want your landscaping to compliment your new outdoor living area with plants and shrubs that are easy to maintain.

Landscaping Water Features

There is a new trend toward water features in your outdoor living area.  From a simple fish pond to jungle waterfalls that empty into your pool.  The sound of rushing water is relaxing and adds freshness to your pool.  You can also add underwater lights to transform the night into a land of mystic.  There are rainwater storage water features that will help keep your garden watered in the dryer areas and help to conserve water usage.

Using Native Plants in Landscaping

Many plants and flowers that are native to your area have an inbred resistance to local insects and disease.  Local plants have also adapted to the weather conditions in your local area.  In the Myrtle Beach area, we have many folks that move from the north eastern part of the United States and try to plant their favorite shrub or plant only to see it die in the summer heat.  You will want to consult with your local landscaping professional to determine what plants are best suited to your area.  Many times there is a local alternative to your favorite “northern” shrub.

Landscaping and The New Garden

With the rising cost of food and gasoline, many home owners are opting to grow their own vegetables.  Now is the time to plan your garden and lay it out for best production.  There are some plants you can start as early as April in this area and have them producing in May.  Do your online research on your favorite vegetables to see when the best time to plant is.

With a new outdoor living space and garden to enjoy, you don’t have time to worry about maintaining our lawn.  Give Local Hardscape Pros a call today for a quote.

We can do your yard work and landscaping and you can relax!

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