landscapingIf you’re a bird lover, why not make your backyard a refuge for them! Creating landscaping that birds will love doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. There is so much more you can do than just putting a birdbath in the yard or a couple of hummingbird feeders. Landscaping with birds in mind means learning about what they need and require in order to be healthy and happy. It may include shelter, water or a place to build a nest. Providing for these needs will ensure lots of birds visiting and enjoying your gardens!

Things To Think About When Landscaping For Birds

Find out what kind of plants are native to your area and use them in your landscaping. This will not only cut down on the maintenance needed, but also create a friendly environment birds will recognize as a safe place to dwell and build their nests. The birds will have a good food source as well. Using the native plants and shrubs is much better than exotic plants when it comes to bird life. Some exotic plants are fine, just not as the only option. Do some research online and find out which birds are attracted to which plants, what they eat, or the type of shelter they prefer. The needs may change with the seasons or age of the birds. Once you have this figured out, you are well on your way to knowing how to plan your landscaping. If the birds you are hoping to attract are fruit loving birds, then you’ll need to consider that in your landscaping plans. There are other birds that love nuts and seeds, so this too should be taken into account.  Don’t forget the water too! A birdbath or small pond is perfect for birds to get a drink or cool off.

A multi-layered landscape will attract lots of varieties of birds. Try planting taller shrubs or trees toward the back, with some medium height plants in the middle and finally the lower plants and flowers at the front. You could also do this around a tree. You’ll find that some birds love to nest up high, while eating down low. Height variety in your garden will bring lots of birds without making them feel crowded.

Birds are preyed upon by other animals like hawks or cats, so be sure to have some areas of vegetation that are thick and bushy. This will allow the birds to feel safe and secure from predators. It also works well for roosting or building their nests. Most often, doing this will provide a permanent shelter for the birds,

Since different birds have different eating habits, planting a wide variety of shrubs and flowers will bring in lots of different species of birds. If you know which birds you wish to attract, then you can plant accordingly. If you’re not sure, then planting some nut-bearing trees or shrubs, along with flowering bushes is a good way to get a large range of birds. If the bird eats mostly fruit, then a fruit tree will give the bird a food source as the fruit ripens on the tree. You could also include hummingbird nectar feeders, a seed feeder, other types of nectar, a birdbath, as well as other shelters for birds throughout the yard.

Finally, keep your yard landscaped neatly, but feel free to leave some trimmings or leaves for the birds to use to build nests, take shelter, as well as have insects to feed on. If you have shrubs or flowers that go to seed, don’t clean up the seed. The birds will use them for a food source and it will keep them coming back.

Designing a landscape that attracts birds isn’t hard. The main thing to remember is to keep the vegetation native to what the area birds are used to. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a new season of bird watching! If you need more tips for landscaping, call Local Hardscape Pros today! We’ll come out and help you design the yard of your dreams.

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