Landscaping myrtle beachLandscaping should not only be about flowers, trees and shrubs. It can also be about creating and taking care of a vegetable garden. Think about the benefits that you can gain from growing your own vegetables right in your backyard. Aside from the financial and health benefits, you will also have a fulfilling and satisfying feeling knowing that you have personally taken care of the vegetables that you will be serving your family.

Even though fall is considered by many as the end of the growing season, you can still create a vegetable garden. There are cool-season vegetables that you can plant in your garden and harvest before winter. Some of these fast-growing cool-season vegetables are lettuce and spinach.

Before starting your vegetable garden, it helps if you first create a plan on what to plant and how to take care of your vegetables. Landscaping professionals from Local Hardscape Pros can help you plan for your fall season vegetable garden. Below is some information that you will find helpful.

  • Determine the perfect time – Before planting your fall season vegetables, you need to determine the first expected freeze date in your location. This will help you determine the perfect time to plant your vegetables. Be sure that your resource for the freeze date is highly reliable. You do not want to still be growing your vegetables when winter begins.
  • Prepare your garden – Just like when you are planting new flowers and shrubs, you need to prepare the area where you will be planting your fall season vegetables. Depending on your landscaping design, find an open area that is sufficient for the vegetables that you plan to grow. Clean the area thoroughly. Remove weeds as these can compromise the growth of your vegetables. You can also opt to add organic matter to the soil to ensure it has enough nutrients for your vegetables.
  • Carefully choose your vegetables – When choosing vegetables for your fall garden, you should choose those that can be grown in 40 days or less. The reason for this is your vegetables might not survive the low temperatures of winter. This is why it is also necessary to create a timeframe based on the first expected freeze date.
    Generally, you have 40 days to grow and harvest your vegetables. Some of the vegetables that you can grow in this duration include arugula, beets, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, kohlrabi, spinach, mustard, turnips and red radishes.
  • Start planting inside – If you want to start your garden earlier or if it is still hot outside even at the start of the fall season, consider starting your garden indoors. Plant your seedlings indoors and just transfer them outside when the temperature decreases. Alternatively, you can also opt to plant your seeds a little deeper to provide additional moisture. The added soil will also make it cooler for your seedlings. Also, make sure you follow proper spacing and plant in full sun.

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