Myrtle Beach Lawn CareLearning how to effectively use compost is one of the aspects of proper lawn care that every homeowner should know. The best thing about using compost is that it is already present in your lawn. You do not have to spend more money to be able to fertilize and enrich your soil. Knowing how to properly use your compost will not only help you generate savings. It will also help provide you with healthy soil and plants.

According to lawn experts, compost consists of a lot of nutrients that provide your plants with the resistance they need against diseases and insects; thus, effectively ensuring long and healthy life for your plants. If you do not know how to effectively use your compost, here are some suggestions from lawn care professionals.

Your Guide To Effective Compost Use

  1. Use it for prepping your flowerbed

The best time to prep your flowerbed is at the start of the fall season. During this time, add an even layer of compost across your entire flowerbed making sure all spaces are covered. Till the flowerbed regularly all throughout the season to ensure that the compost is spread all through the soil. Continue to place a handful of compost in each hole even after you have placed your seeds. This will ensure that your plants and flower have sufficient source of nutrients as they grow.

  1. Use it as a mulch

You can use your compost as mulch and spread it along with your crop lines, flowerbeds and shrubs. Remember that your compost is packed with all the nutrients that your plants and flowers need in order to grow. Professionals further suggest adding a layer of leaves or pine needles above the layer of compost as this will help the compost to retain moisture.

  1. Use it as a compost tea

Aside from using it as is, you can also convert compost into liquid fertilizer. All you have to do is age your compost and steep it in water. Many lawn care professionals, farmers, and gardeners prefer to use this compost tea or liquid fertilizer as this is high in micro-nutrients. And because it is in liquid form, it delivers the nutrients more quickly to plants and acts faster in breaking down disease-causing toxins in plants.

The best way liquid fertilizer or compost tea is made with natural water such as well water or rain. Leaving it outside under the sun for at least one week also helps in creating the best compost tea. The liquid fertilizer can be poured on to the soil or sprayed on the base of plants.

  1. Use it to grow stronger and fuller trees

You can also use your compost to help your trees grow stronger and fuller. All you have to do is add the compost around the roots of the tree. Aside from repelling disease-causing bacteria, the compost also helps maintain the right soil temperature that the tree needs in order to grow. You should remember, however, not to put compost on the base and trunk of the tree.

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