lawn careTo make your lawn care more environment-friendly, experts are campaigning for the use of less water when watering garden pots. This task consumes lots of water especially if you are doing it on a daily basis. You may think it would be difficult to keep your garden pots hydrated without using lots of water, but it is actually feasible. In fact, many homeowners are doing this already.

Here are some lawn care tips that you can try to water your garden pots without wasting so much water.

  • Add organic and natural mulches to your garden pots as these help keep the compost in the pots. With mulches, the compost will not be easily washed away when you water the plants. You can use leaf mold or bark chips for your organic and natural mulch.
  • There are water retaining crystals that you can add and mix to your pot soil before you put the plant in. These crystals will release moisture to the soil as needed so you won’t have to repeatedly and more frequently water your pots.
  • Refrain from using terra cotta pots and plastic containers. Although these come in a wider variety of designs and are perfect decorations for your landscaping, these do not retain water; thus, you will have to include watering your pots more frequently in your lawn care maintenance routine.
  • Allow your plants to work together and shade each other by grouping them side by side in a cool area on your patio or terrace. You will want to do this most especially during summer when the hot temperature will quickly dry up the pots’ soil and the plants’ roots. Grouping your pots and plants together will allow them to shade each other; thereby, preventing their roots and soils from quickly drying.
  • Instead of scheduling at which time of the day you will have to water your plants, consider attaching drip nozzles to your feeder pipes and laying them on the surface of the compost to drip continuously and hydrate your plants. Doing so will relieve you of regularly watering your plants, and wasting water in the process. The best part of using drip nozzles is that you can adjust how strong the water drip will be to ensure your plants will be kept hydrated throughout the day.
  • If you want to place your plants and vegetables on your patio, you can place them in large plastic containers. These are effective in retaining moisture so you won’t have to repeatedly water your plants.

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