Lawn Care Myrtle BeachMany homeowners are continuously looking for effective lawn care tips and strategies to help them achieve a lush and green lawn. Most of them prefer the use of natural and organic products and materials so as to reduce the effect to the environment as well as avoid risking their health.

Below are some helpful tips from industry experts to help you to better take care of your lawn.

1. Make your soil healthier

One of the keys in successful organic lawn care is focusing more on the soil rather than on the plants. The primary principle that many lawn specialists follow is that a healthy soil will grow healthier plants and lawn. This is why their strategies focus more on enriching the soil by regularly feeding the soil with organic fertilizer and aerating it. Apparently, naturally enriched soil grow healthier plants that have high resistance to damage from draught and diseases. As a result, these plants are easier to maintain and take care of.

2. Use DIY soil test kits

As homeowners, you need to learn how to use a soil test kit. This will help you determine and verify which types of nutrient supplements and how much to add to your soil. Keep in mind that even if you are using natural and organic products, blind guessing the specific nutrient to add and its amount will be dangerous not only to your soil and plants but also to the environment. Moreover, some nutrients can be expensive so you end up wasting money. Avoid guessing and consult with a landscaping professional such as Local Hardscape Pros now.

3. Learn how to choose suitable grass for your lawn

Even though they all look the same, there are actually a wide range of different types of ants. These grass plants differ in size, height and needs. There are grasses that prefer shaded areas while others love to be placed under the sun. Choose a plant grass that will grow and become comfortable in your lawn considering their needs as well as the limitations of your lawn. Make sure you choose a suitable grass plant that will not be difficult to maintain and take care of.

4. Use compost to fertilize your lawn

As mentioned above, the focus of natural and organic lawn care involve enriching the soil. And there is no better way to do this than by using compost. This consists of all the waste found in your kitchen and lawn. It is easy to make your own compost. Simply combine all the biodegradable wastes found inside your kitchen and yard. Most often, you do not need to add anything else in the mix.

5. Learn to read messages from weeds

Although weeds are considered pests that compete with your lawn grass for soil space and nutrients, there is actually more from then than that. According to experts the presence of weeds in your lawn tells you something is not right with your soil.

More specifically, if there are lots of plantain weeds in your lawn, it could mean that your soil is heavily compacted and that the clay portion of your soil is bigger. If there are lots of dandelions, your soil lacks sufficient level of calcium and has excessive amounts of magnesium. Consult with a professional to learn more about weeds and your soil.

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