Gardening Tips For Your Success

spring gradening Myrtle BeachWe have been fortunate here in Myrtle Beach to have a very mild winter but it still good to see that spring is here. If you are like me, you are itching to get into spring gardening and reap the rewards of fresh flowers and vegetables. Sometimes it can be daunting to know where to start. If you are a newbie to gardening or an “old salt,” Landscaping Myrtle Beach would like to give you a simple check list so you can have great success with your gardening efforts.

Spring Gardening Check List

If you are employed in a stressful job or own your own business, gardening can be one of the most relaxing and fun activities to relieve stress. If done correctly, gardening can give you a sense of achievement and give you a way to let go of the stress of the day.

#1 Sharpen Your Tools. You will want to take all of your tools to a local machine shop or garden shop and have them “tuned.” This includes hoes, shovels and pruning shears. This one small effort will make your gardening efforts go much smoother.

Don’t forget the lawnmower. It is wise to invest in a second set of well-sharpened blades for your lawnmower. You don’t want to be in the middle of mowing your lawn on a weekend and have to stop and take the blades to be sharpened or worse yet, be doing this task on a day or time when the machine shop is not opened and have to wait to finish the project. If you are task oriented like me, this can be very frustrating and we are trying to eliminate stress! What many Myrtle Beach home owners are not aware of is that dull blades can actually harm your grass which will allow unwanted disease to creep into your lawn costing you more money in the long run.

#2 Test the soil. If you are new to gardening or if you had trouble getting things to grow last year, you will want to take your soil and have it tested. Here in the Myrtle Beach area, you can take your soil to Clemson Extension and they will test it for free. If you are reading this post and are outside of the Horry County area, you will want to do a Google search on soil testing for your area. Testing your soil will let you know what type of fertilizers or other additives you will need for the soil conditions in your area. This can save you a lot of heart ache and increase your probability of a successful garden.

#3 Contract a landscaping professional. Even if you only need some help getting started with getting your lawn and garden area into shape, contacting a landscaping professional can save you hours of work. You will want to call early as spring is the busiest time of year for most local landscaping companies. If you wait until later in the season you may be put on a waiting list.

#4 Have sod delivered early in the season. If you are planning to completely redo your lawn or if you have recently moved into a new home, you will want to arrange to have sod delivered early in the spring. Once you put down the sod you will need to keep it very moist until the roots have a change to take hold. You will have more rain fall in the early spring than later in the summer and this will eliminate your having to water the new sod. You will want to check the sod when it is delivered to make sure that the rolls are moist. If you notice any yellowed turf or dry roots you need to reject the delivery. Landscaping Myrtle Beach is a great resource for your sod and you can trust you are getting moist, fresh sod.

#5 Keep a journal. This will help you keep track of what works and doesn’t work for your soil and climate. You will want to take note of what plants should be moved to another time of year for example. By the time gardening season rolls around next year you may not remember what changes you wanted to make. Keeping a journal can help you remember and each year will be more successful than the last.

#6 Throw away outdated chemicals. As you are doing an inventory of what you will need for this year’s garden you will want to check the labels on chemicals and additives that are left over from last year. While you are checking the labels take note of where the products should be stored and if they should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.

#7 Till the soil. Before you start arranging your garden you will want to till the soil. Pick up a handful of the soil and make sure it can easily be crumbled. If yes, then the soil is ready for tilling. In the Myrtle Beach area we don’t have to worry about frost, but in other areas you want to make sure the ice is out of the soil.

#8 Prune. Many of the plants and flowers you plant this year will come up again next spring. You will want to be sure and prune back these plants when they have finished blooming to ensure they will come up again.

We are often asked “When should I being planting?” The answer will depend on what you are going to plant, how much direct sunlight the plants will receive, what are the soil conditions. We suggest that you use the internet and do some research on the specific flowers, vegetables and other plants you would like to grown in your garden. Take note of areas such as:

  • What effect does direct sunlight or shade have on the plant
  • How much water does the plan need
  • What type of soil is best
  • How does the plant handle heat

By knowing the answers to these questions you can best judge when is a good time to plant certain items. By rotating out certain vegetables based on the time of year, you can ensure that you are eating healthy all summer long.

By following these few tips and your spring gardening will be a pleasure and not another chore on your to do list.

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