landscape Myrtle BeachThis spring we’ve been receiving many calls regarding the re-designing of existing beds. Why are we getting a lot of calls for this?

Well, there are many factors that influence the success and/or failure of a landscape design. One is that many home building contractors provide the bare minimum when it comes to landscaping, with no thought given to the soil quality, location, future size, watering needs, sunlight or shade tolerance of what they plant.

We recommend asking your builder what the budget is for your landscape and find out exactly what you are getting. Find out if they will use sod on the entire lawn or if some will be seeded. Find out what type of plants and how many, you are paying for it after all. You get to choose your lighting, carpet and paint colors, why not the plants?

When we approach a re-design job, we find out what the homeowner’s wants and needs are for those areas. To do this we ASK QUESTIONS. Once wants and needs are determined we look at all the variable factors that affect plant selection:

  • Soil condition- is it too wet?
  • Wind? Many plants do not do well out in the open in windy conditions
  • Shade or Sun?
  • Are deer a problem? If so we would choose plants that deer don’t like to eat
  • Zone Hardiness? We are in Zone 8, if plant is not listed as hardy for Zone 8 then it will not thrive

Knowing a garden’s variables is key to an effective design. With some basic knowledge and trial-and-error, it will all come together!

Aside from bed re-design calls, we’ve been getting a lot of calls about what to do with lawns at this time.

We suggest the pre-emer¬gent weed control be applied during colder months, then we wait for the lawns completely come out of dormancy. Once this happens, we advise aeration to relieve compaction of soil and to aid in water and fertilizer absorption. Once the lawn has been green for approximately 3 weeks a post-emergent herbicide can be applied.

We know that spring is an exciting time and you can’t wait to get your gardens started. Even though many of the nurseries are get¬ting in plants, it’s better to wait until our evening temperatures are consistently warm, and besides, the variety of material will get broader as the weather gets warmer. Of course, for you “black thumb” people, we are always available to do it for you! Here’s to a successful growing season!

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