Protect Against Natural Disasters Through Smart Landscaping

LandscapingChanging landscaping can do more than improve your curb appeal and make your lawn more attractive. With the following tips and information, you can also be able to protect your home from the dire effects of natural disasters.

Fires, storms, and floods are inevitable calamities no one can specifically predict. This is why preventing it has been extremely difficult. Only those who are really committed to their prevention routines could minimize the effects of these types of natural disasters.

Aside from these exhausting prevention routines, you can easily protect your home from fires, storms, and floods through smart landscaping.

Protect against fires

To help protect your home from fires, there are a couple of things you might like to change in your lawn.

  • Set up fire defense zones – There are two zones you can create as your fire defense zones. One is a 30-foot zone where you can put flagstone, gravel and pavers to allow firefighters easy and quick access to your house in case of fire emergencies. If you want to add plants, choose shrubs like azaleas, which are low growing and have less dense foundation. The other fire defense zone is a 100-foot zone where you should always keep trees and shrubs thinned out and maintain clear wide paths that will serve as fire breaks.
  • Regularly maintain your lawn and garden – Your basic maintenance tasks actually help in protecting your home from fires. When cleaning up your garden, keep an eye out for any debris that can serve as fuel to flames. These include dried leaves, long grass, dead plants, weeds, and dead tree branches. It’s important that you remove these fire hazards every time you clean your garden.
  • Add fire-resistant plants – These are plants that are slower to burn like azaleas, boxwoods, hydrangeas, and burning bushes. You might also want to consider planting succulents like sedums as these have high water content and are, therefore, less flammable.

Protect against wind storms

The best and most effective way to help reduce the effects of wind storms is landscaping windbreaks. This is the use of specific trees and shrubs and planting them in strategic places to reduce the storm’s wind speed and serve as buffer against the gusts. Choose trees and shrubs that have low crowns and grows closer to the ground. These include Arizona cypress, redbud, sycamore, and Chinese elm.

Protect against flooding

Your primary focus in organizing your garden to protect against floods is to slow down the flow of water and prevent it from reaching the soils near your foundation. To achieve this, choose trees and shrubs that are considered as rain barriers because of their roots that grow deep into the ground. The best trees to consider are those that can grow more than 40 feet high as their trunks help block running water, their roots create drip lines, their big leaves can intercept rainwater, and they can quickly transpire groundwater for as much as 100 gallons per day.

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Essential Landscaping Tips For Dog-Lovers

LandscapingHomeowners who own dogs may have a bit of a problem in landscaping and keeping their yard attractive and orderly while allowing their dogs free massive space to roam around and play. Some even forgo any attempts at fixing their yard, planting trees, and maintaining a lush and green lawn.

Indeed, a beautiful well-maintained yard and dogs are not a very good combination. One will surely give at some point. And as a homeowner you will then have to choose between your pet and your lawn. Don’t let the mess reach this kind of tipping point. You can make it possible not to give up either your lawn or your dog.

Here are some essential landscaping tips that can help you maintain a beautiful lawn that can also serve as a safe playground for your dog.

  • Consider installing a pond or pool – A pond or small pool will be difficult for your dog to enter. So you can use this as a boundary line for your dog. Your pet will soon learn that plants, lawn equipment and everything beyond the pool is off-limits for them.
  • Stay away from using cocoa mulch – This type of mulch may contain theobromine, which is what makes chocolate poisonous to dogs. You can opt to use gravel, wood chips or shredded hardwood mulch as these have been found not to stick to long furs and coats.
  • Use rocks as edging for your flowerbeds – To protect your flowers from being damaged by curious and playful dogs, use rocks as edging to the flowerbeds. You can also opt to plant foot-tall shrubs in front of the flowerbeds. Both will add to overall look and theme of your lawn while keeping it safe for your dogs. Do not use metal edging because although they are great in protecting your flowers, they can hurt your pets. Use natural edging instead to benefit your landscaping, your pets, and your flowers.
  • Use plants that prevent fleas – A common type of this plant that is easily available are lavender, mint, and rosemary. You can also choose from blueberries, oat grass, strawberries, and wheat grass which are also safe and healthy for dogs if they accidentally eat the plant.
  • Create a potty station and train your dogs in the proper use of this station – This will help prevent those yellow and brown spots from damaging your lawn. Although these unattractive spots can be easily cured by reseeding, you can save the time to do reseeding and also save you, your guests, or the entire household from the shock of seeing these unpleasant and possibly smelly spots on your yard.

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Lawn Care Trick: Use Less Water When Watering Garden Pots

lawn careTo make your lawn care more environment-friendly, experts are campaigning for the use of less water when watering garden pots. This task consumes lots of water especially if you are doing it on a daily basis. You may think it would be difficult to keep your garden pots hydrated without using lots of water, but it is actually feasible. In fact, many homeowners are doing this already.

Here are some lawn care tips that you can try to water your garden pots without wasting so much water.

  • Add organic and natural mulches to your garden pots as these help keep the compost in the pots. With mulches, the compost will not be easily washed away when you water the plants. You can use leaf mold or bark chips for your organic and natural mulch.
  • There are water retaining crystals that you can add and mix to your pot soil before you put the plant in. These crystals will release moisture to the soil as needed so you won’t have to repeatedly and more frequently water your pots.
  • Refrain from using terra cotta pots and plastic containers. Although these come in a wider variety of designs and are perfect decorations for your landscaping, these do not retain water; thus, you will have to include watering your pots more frequently in your lawn care maintenance routine.
  • Allow your plants to work together and shade each other by grouping them side by side in a cool area on your patio or terrace. You will want to do this most especially during summer when the hot temperature will quickly dry up the pots’ soil and the plants’ roots. Grouping your pots and plants together will allow them to shade each other; thereby, preventing their roots and soils from quickly drying.
  • Instead of scheduling at which time of the day you will have to water your plants, consider attaching drip nozzles to your feeder pipes and laying them on the surface of the compost to drip continuously and hydrate your plants. Doing so will relieve you of regularly watering your plants, and wasting water in the process. The best part of using drip nozzles is that you can adjust how strong the water drip will be to ensure your plants will be kept hydrated throughout the day.
  • If you want to place your plants and vegetables on your patio, you can place them in large plastic containers. These are effective in retaining moisture so you won’t have to repeatedly water your plants.

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Landscaping Tips For Small Spaced Gardens

landscapingDon’t let the size of your yard prevent you from creating an elegant landscaping masterpiece. It doesn’t really matter whether your garden is big or small. You can easily turn it into a huge asset that will benefit you and your home with the right gardening style and design.

It is important to keep a clean and organized yard to maintain its beauty. However, it wouldn’t hurt to give your front yard a style boost with a few quick and easy design tips.

Listed below are some top landscaping tips to help you transform your small spaced garden.

  • Your landscape should complement the size and design of your home. It shouldn’t overwhelm or cover the front of your home. If there are some parts of your home that you want to hide, you can use ornamental trees like cypress. Adding these types of trees in your yard can also help create a privacy wall.
  • Make sure the size and amount of plants and trees that you choose to add in your garden are proportion to the size of your home. If you have a small home, consider adding small plants and 1 or 2 trees so as not to engulf the front of your home.
  • Keep in mind that your front yard and garden are what your neighbors and visitors see first. How your yard looks will give them the first impression of your entire house and your personality as well. Express your own taste and be more involved in planning and organizing your garden. Keeping the overall theme and design of your house is also a great way to personalize your garden.
  • If you want to add grass in your small front yard, make sure you can maintain the lawn properly and regularly. Nothing ruins a good and perfect landscaping than a soiled and dying lawn. Plus, your yard – and your entire property, for that matter – will become an eyesore to the entire neighborhood.
  • If you have a stone courtyard or wide walkway in your small front yard, consider adding mulched beds instead of the usual grass to fill borders and gaps.
  • You can also consider using pea gravel or pebbles as groundcover for your garden. Don’t forget to use weed-resistant mesh as lining for the gravel.
  • Keep an eye out for moss and mildew growth so you can treat and remove them immediately, thus, preventing them from causing more costly damage.
  • Do not limit yourself with the types and colors of flowers that you plant in your small front yard. Keep in mind that you can make a small space more appealing and attractive with fresh and colorful flowers.
  • Line the sides of your walkway with flowers to add a colorful highlight to an otherwise plain looking path.

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Improve Your Landscaping With These Essentials Plus More!

LandscapingImproving your landscaping for that attractive curb appeal is tricky. This is unlike renovating your bathroom or your kitchen. It is far from simply reorganizing your living room furniture or changing the interior design of your bedroom. While all of these things allow for expressing individualism in order to give your home your own style, taste, and value, doing the same thing to your lawn may involve some risks especially if you are considering selling your home in the future.

If you want that irresistible curb appeal, all you need for your landscaping are a couple of essentials and some additions that are really not required but may give your lawn that extra sparkle.

Trees and plants are your top essentials

Adding trees to your lawn will not only provide a natural look to it but will also provide sources of shading to you and to your neighbors as well. In fact, when trees are kept healthy, mature and are native to the area, they can add value to your home as well as to neighboring homes.

Aside from adding value to properties, trees have other benefits primarily including energy costs and health benefits. According to the US Department of Energy, only three trees that are placed properly in your lawn can bring you $100-$250 worth of savings per year on energy costs while windbreaks and shade trees are found to generate 15% decrease on your heating bills during winter and 75% decrease on your air conditioning bills during summer. Plus, a study from the Texas A&M University revealed that looking at trees within five minutes significantly helps in stress recovery.

If you decide to add trees and plants to your lawn, make sure you choose ones that are native to your area. Native plants are able to thrive and develop even without your focused attention, not to mention they are less costly to grow as compared to those plants you are forcing to live outside their natural habitat. Native plants and trees are also found to help wildlife as they provide natural backyard habitats and food sources for birds, butterflies, and other animals native to your area.

Don’t forget about your outdoor lighting and fencing

The primary reason why outdoor lighting is considered an essential to your landscape is because it highlights and directs guests to the focal point of your yard. It doesn’t only illuminate your yard at night, which also helps keep your property, you and your family safe from burglaries. It also completes the look that you want for your yard. Plus, appropriate lighting is found to make a home feel warmer and more inviting.

Although some may think that fencing can obstruct the view of a perfectly manicured lawn and a beautiful landscaping design, it actually serves more purpose than that. An appropriately installed fence effectively keeps pests, burglars and intruders out of your property. It creates this sense of privacy from these individuals who want to have a glimpse of your home and what’s inside. Most importantly, it sets the exact boundaries of your property.

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