Quick, Easy And Economical Landscaping Tips For Home Sellers

Myrtle Beach LandscapingIf you are looking to sell your Myrtle Beach home, doing landscaping will not only help increase its curb appeal and make it more noticeable to potential buyers. It also helps increase the home’s value. On the other hand, you do not need to spend a lot of money to change the way your yard looks. Although you will surely get back what you spent improving your lawn from the sale of the house, spending a lot on this home improvement project will prompt you to sell the house at a high price and make it difficult for you to negotiate the final purchase price with potential buyers.

Increasing your home’s curb appeal may also help make the decision for your potential buyers. Remember that first impressions last. Thus, you want to make your home appealing and inviting to potential buyers. And since your lawn is what they will see first, ensure they will remember your home through your beautiful and attractive lawn when they are considering houses to buy. Read More…

The Only Landscaping Guide You’ll Need For Front Yard

Landscaping Myrtle BeachAlthough there are no strict and standard rules for landscaping, experts and professionals do follow certain guidelines when planning a homeowner’s front and back yard. If you want your lawn to look professionally made, continue reading to find more about this guideline that professionals follow.

Why follow the professional landscaping guideline?

If you think choosing plants and where to place them would be enough for your lawn, you’d better think again. Your lawn is way more than that. There are lots of other aspects that professionals take into account when planning for a homeowner’s lawn. And most of them are critically important in maintaining a healthy front yard. Read More…

Lawn Care 101: Testing Your Soil’s PH Level

Lawn Care Myrtle BeachMany lawn owners are unaware that maintaining the right level of their soil’s pH level is an important aspect of lawn care. In this article, you will learn all about your soil’s pH level and why it is an important aspect of lawn maintenance.

What does your soil’s pH level tell you?

Basically, pH level tells whether a compound or mixture is acidic or basic. A pH level of 7 and below indicates an acidic compound, while anything above pH level 7 is a basic compound. With this information, one could tell what chemicals and nutrients are present in that compound. This is important when it comes to your lawn soil as this will help you alter your soil composition so that it will be more conducive to your plants’ growth. Read More…

3 Cost Control Landscaping Measures For Your Outdoor Project

Myrtle Beach LandscapingLandscaping projects should not be costly and expensive. You could improve how your yard looks as well as increase your curb appeal without breaking the bank or your wallet. This, however, focuses on getting the most out of your money rather than generating savings from your outdoor project.

Keep in mind that there is a fine line between having savings and being satisfied and receiving all the benefits and features that you paid for. Even if you weren’t able to save money or spend less on your yard improvements but you were satisfied with everything that you bought, you still generate savings as you wouldn’t be doing another upgrade or improvement soon.

And to help you ensure the most cost-effective landscaping project, here are 4 measures to observe. Read More…

Easy Lawn Care Tips On How To Mow Professionally

Myrtle Beach Lawn CareAlthough mowing is the one of the basic forms of lawn care, you need to do it properly to ensure that your lawn stay lush and green. It’s not just simply running the mower throughout your lawn. There are a couple of things you need to remember and keep in mind if you want to have the best lawn all year round.

Keep in mind that a well maintained lawn does not only add to your curb appeal; it also helps to increase your home’s value. Thus, it is extremely important to spend time in maintaining and caring for your lawn.

Here are some professional lawn care tips to help you out.

1. Always keep your mow blades sharp

Sharp blades ensure your mower runs efficiently and thus, make it easier and much quicker for you to mow your lawn. And most importantly, it is essential in making your lawn look great as it prevents tugging and unruly trimming of your lawn grass. You’ll know it’s time to sharpen the blades when you feel it becoming rougher to mow. You can confirm by looking at the ends of your grass. If you see the ends torn and ragged, you will need to sharpen your mow blades immediately.

Read More…