3 Cost Control Landscaping Measures For Your Outdoor Project

Myrtle Beach LandscapingLandscaping projects should not be costly and expensive. You could improve how your yard looks as well as increase your curb appeal without breaking the bank or your wallet. This, however, focuses on getting the most out of your money rather than generating savings from your outdoor project.

Keep in mind that there is a fine line between having savings and being satisfied and receiving all the benefits and features that you paid for. Even if you weren’t able to save money or spend less on your yard improvements but you were satisfied with everything that you bought, you still generate savings as you wouldn’t be doing another upgrade or improvement soon.

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Easy Lawn Care Tips On How To Mow Professionally

Myrtle Beach Lawn CareAlthough mowing is the one of the basic forms of lawn care, you need to do it properly to ensure that your lawn stay lush and green. It’s not just simply running the mower throughout your lawn. There are a couple of things you need to remember and keep in mind if you want to have the best lawn all year round.

Keep in mind that a well maintained lawn does not only add to your curb appeal; it also helps to increase your home’s value. Thus, it is extremely important to spend time in maintaining and caring for your lawn.

Here are some professional lawn care tips to help you out.

1. Always keep your mow blades sharp

Sharp blades ensure your mower runs efficiently and thus, make it easier and much quicker for you to mow your lawn. And most importantly, it is essential in making your lawn look great as it prevents tugging and unruly trimming of your lawn grass. You’ll know it’s time to sharpen the blades when you feel it becoming rougher to mow. You can confirm by looking at the ends of your grass. If you see the ends torn and ragged, you will need to sharpen your mow blades immediately.

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Landscaping For Privacy: Consider Different Fence Designs

Myrtle Beach LandscapingIf you want to increase your home’s privacy and security, consider doing a landscaping improvement, particularly adding a fence around your entire yard. However, you need to spend time in choosing which fence design is suitable for your home and your needs, as not all types of fence can provide you with the privacy and security that you are looking for.

There are different types of fences you can consider for your home, depending on materials used and manner of construction. In this article, you will learn about the basic types of fences to help you choose which to install as part of your landscaping improvement.

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7 Easy Steps To Proper Winter Lawn Care

Lawn CareThe purpose of proper lawn care during the winter season is not only to maintain continuous care of your lawn, plants, and trees. It is also to properly tuck away your lawn and keep it under wraps so as to protect it from the harmful cold temperature of the season. Effectively winterizing your lawn will result in a fresh and beautiful lawn the following year. Thus, you won’t have to redo everything you did for your lawn when you first started it. You won’t have to repeat these things at the start of every year. That alone saves you thousands of dollars as well as priceless time and effort that you put into the job.

So to help you ensure that you do an effective winter lawn care, follow these seven easy steps:

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Steps To An Environment Friendly Lawn Care

lawn careAs with other homeowner tasks and responsibilities, lawn care is also jumping into the green wagon. Industry professionals are continuously coming up with ways to help preserve the environment while keeping the lawn attractively looking. If you think it’s impossible, you need to think again. Contributing to a greener planet is no longer confined to recycling and reusing.

More and more homeowners are looking for other ways to help conserve resources and protect the environment. A lot of people are choosing to go green now. So why not apply the same goals in lawn maintenance?

Here are some easy steps that you can follow for a greener and environment friendly lawn care:

  • Use grass clippings to enrich your soil

Yes, you’ve read that right. So instead of compressing them in a huge bag and leaving on the curb to be picked up by the garbage truck, try putting them back on your lawn or leaving them there after mowing your lawn. They will decompose easily as they are mostly made of water. As soon as they decompose, they effectively bring back the nutrients to your soil. Hence, you not only decrease your waste and lessen what is dumped unto landfills; you also save money on fertilizers. The best part of it is that you are using an organic fertilizer, which is safer and healthier for your lawn.

  • Learn about smarter ways to water your lawn

Avoid wasting so much water by learning about smarter and greener ways of watering your lawn. Keep in mind that lawns need one inch of water per week during the growing season; more in summer. Taking this into consideration, you can agree with the experts with their recommendation of watering very early in the morning before natural evaporation rates increase. Adjust your sprinklers and make sure they stop spraying your lawn by 7 or 8 am when evaporation rates are at its highest.

According to US Environmental Protection Agency, fueled lawn mowers contribute to more than 5% of the country’s air pollution. This is why manufacturers have now developed lawn mowers that don’t use fuel to function. Because these don’t need fuel, the use of fuel-less lawn mowers can to help decrease the amount of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. Contact a lawn care professional now to inquire about the most suitable fuel-less lawn mower for your needs and for your specific type of lawn.

  • Avoid using chemical products for weed and pest control

Aside from running off into water reserves and supplies, these chemical products can also kill other beneficial organisms that help you take care of your lawn as well as your pets and birds that roam around the yard. A great alternative for you to prevent grass, weed, and grubs from growing on your lawn is to use organic products. These are now easily available everywhere because of the strong demand for organic products.

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